Competitive Career Anchor Structures: An Empirical Test of the Circumplex Model (in French)

By Thierry Wils (HEC Montréal et HQO), José Bélanger (HEC Montréal, Université de Montréal et UQO) and Eric Gosselin (UQO)


The way of organizing career anchors according to a circular logic has recently given birth to several competitive structures that could not be empirically validated. Unlike these structures of career anchors that were atheoretical, a new theoretical structuring model is pro- posed. Using the statistical technique developed by Browne (1992), it turns out that the theoretical model is superior to other structures. The results are also consistent with a structure based on quadrants of compatible career anchors. The careerist quadrant consists of anchor management; the protean quadrant respectively combines the technical/functional competence of anchors, creative challenges, entrepreneurship and autonomy/independence. The social quadrant brings together lifestyle as well as service/dedication anchors while the bureaucratic quadrant refers to the security/stability anchor.


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